Criminal Defense

Albuquerque Criminal Defense Attorney

At Duran & McDonald, we will fight for you.

Facing a DWI or other criminal charge is a serious matter. However, the attorneys at Duran and McDonald are experienced with the criminal justice system in New Mexico. You can be assured that they will fight hard on your behalf.

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Personal Injury

Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney

Our firm is focused on recovery of damages associated with injuries which were sustained as a result of third party negligence. Personal injury litigation has become common. It is imperative that you learn your rights regarding your claim. Speaking to an attorney early on can make all the difference.

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Civil Litigation

Albuquerque Civil Litigation Attorney

Duran and McDonald will fight on your behalf to protect your civil claims and rights. Whether your dispute is related to a contract, fraud, identity theft, or a consumer protection law violation, our attorneys can help. Courtroom experience is essential. Mr. Duran and Mr. McDonald know how to prepare for and take your case to trial.

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Family Law

Albuquerque Family Law Attorney

Legal issues and cases involving your family can be very difficult. The attorneys and staff at Duran and McDonald emphasize understanding and compassion when dealing with family law issues. All families deserve an advocate who will represent their interests and ease their concerns.

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