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Duran and McDonald is a client-oriented firm located in Albuquerque, New Mexico representing people and businesses throughout the state. Since first opening our doors in 2010, we have relentlessly focused on delivering results and practical solutions to the legal hurdles that our clients face.

Our areas of focus are tailored to our attorneys’ strengths and knowledge so that we can address issues succinctly and with the expertise you need.

We are proud of our proven record of getting results for our clients. AT the heart of Duran and McDonald is the belief that no matter what your legal issue, we can help. We constantly strive to include you in the important decisions by spending time with you, educating you and assisting you in weighing the risks needed to succeed.

John Duran and Brendan McDonald were raised in New Mexico and understand the important values we have in this state and the improvements that still need to be made. They each value the importance of community by dedicating their time to their families and by serving the community through various volunteering and serving on a variety of boards.