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Duran & McDonald will ensure you are represented at all stages of a criminal investigation and legal case. We have successfully defended New Mexicans for over a decade and can do the same for you when you are accused of committing a crime.

We have represented hundreds of people accused of committing crimes from petty misdemeanors to 1st degree felonies. Whether you are being investigated for a crime or have been accused of a crime, call us today so that we can begin ensuring your rights are being protected.


You Have Rights.

There are numerous steps that the State of New Mexico must take in order to prove you are guilty. Remember, at this point you are not guilty, you are only charged with a crime.

Being arrested for drunk driving is a serious offense that can have different consequences for each individual depending upon the particulars of the case. It is imperative that anyone facing such a charge understand what challenges they will encounter. Seeking the legal advice of a competent and experienced attorney will help you understand all of your rights and options.

For example, common questions that can arise and are important to understand and be handled with care and concern are:

I have been charged with a crime, what next?2020-11-20T00:42:10+00:00

Once you have been formally charged with a crime you have a right to be presented with the evidence that may be used against you in the case.  You also have a right to be represented by an attorney.  You should immediately contact an attorney when you are first informed of a criminal case against you. There are important decisions that need to be made and your rights need to be enforced immediately.

Call us today so that you can be properly represented at every stage of your case. We will defend your rights and fight for you!

How much does an attorney cost for a criminal case?2020-11-20T00:41:58+00:00

There are a lot of choices when it comes to hiring an attorney that you trust to represent you in one of the most stressful events in your life.  One of the factors that you will have to take into consideration when hiring an attorney is how much will it cost you.  Be sure to ask the attorney on what you will get in terms of experience and knowledge when you hire your attorney.  Our office has represented our clients at every stage of the proceeding and we begin working immediately on defending your case in preparation for trial. Our goal is not to simply get the best plea deal for you.  We explore all available defenses.

Duran & McDonald will present you with a retainer agreement that specifies everything in detail so there are no surprises as the case moves forward.  Our office has a fair and reasonable rate depending on the charges that you face in your case.  We can give an estimate when you speak with us based on our experience in hundreds of cases.

I received a target letter, do I need to attend the grand jury?2020-11-20T00:41:44+00:00

First, it is important to know how a grand jury proceeding works.  A grand jury is made up of a group of people from the community that are called to hear evidence on whether a crime should be charged.  This proceeding is not to decide whether you are guilty or not guilty.   This is an important step in the criminal process and you will benefit greatly from speaking with an attorney before deciding to attend the grand jury proceeding.

One of the most important rights that you have at all stages, including at grand jury, is the right to not make statements that can be used against you.  The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution gives you the right to avoid answering any questions that would incriminate you.  A criminal defendant does not ever have to take the stand and testify on his or her own behalf in most cases.

You will not receive a warrant for not attending a grand jury proceeding and it will continue without your participation.  Call us today so we can discuss your options and we can assist you in making an informed decision on whether to attend.

I am being contacted by law enforcement for a pending investigation, should I have an attorney represent me?2020-11-20T00:41:23+00:00

If you are under investigation by any law enforcement agency it is always best to consult with an attorney before speaking with law enforcement. The statements that you make today can severely impact a possible case in the future.   We often hear people say, “I have nothing to hide” or “I want my story to be heard”.  We agree with ensuring our clients’ story is heard but there is a process that requires knowing the time, place and manner in which that story is told.  Let us help you. Call us today (505) 924-2121 and we can discuss your options with you.


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